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Personal Training Sessions Available in Person at our WSM Studio!

Our program is flexible and available for people with different body types and busy schedules!

Private Training Sessions      

In-Person & Virtual

1. We provide a workout program for you on a daily or weekly basis per month. This will include strength training, cardio conditioning, core, mobility, balance, and flexibility.

2. Private Sessions are available at the WSM studio, via Zoom or Face Time and supplemented with live streaming videos via our YouTube channel.

3. We offer you YouTube videos 2-3 a week of strength training, cardio conditioning, and yoga weekly sessions! Get notified by subscribing to our newsletter here.

Personal Training Session

1-on-1 Private Training Session (60 minutes)

In-Person at WSM Studio & Virtual (Zoom)

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We Offer the Following Group Virtual Training Programs

Small Group (4-6 Members meetings via Zoom) Meeting Twice a Week: Monday & Friday at 9am

Single Virtual Group Session

1 Virtual Group Session with WSM

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Virtual Group Training Schedule: Monday (Strength Training) 9:00am - Friday (Cardio Conditioning & Core) 9:00 am

Home Fitness Studio Set Up (New Service)

We come to your home and set up a workout space best suited for you and your fitness goals. We order and provide the equipment needed for your fitness journey. Visit $199, cost of equipment depends on what will be ordered for home.