Wellness Studio M is full of Success Stories from people whose lives have been changed from our wellness and fitness training programs.  We would like to thank everyone who has participated in our studio.  Your stories are an inspiration to all of us.

“Over the past year I’ve lost over 40 lbs. I feel great, I have a lot more energy.  My doctor is happy because my blood pressure and cholesterol levels all went down without any use of medication.” Jon C (MIllburn Resident)


Gail RielA2“Since I’ve been working out with Maria I feel absolutely terrific, I’m much more confident, I’m much more able to do things that I would do in my normal life.  I feel much stronger and healthier. I make better choices about what I eat because I know of the work that I’ve put in with her.  It has created a whole new lifestyle for me and my family. “    Liz Peck (Summit Resident)

“So thankful to Maria at Wellness Studio M! She has helped me lose 15 pounds so far through her coaching, offering nutritional advice, dynamic workout routines and plenty of stretching!” – Tammy Schulman (Summit Resident)


Gail Riela“Working with Maria is a pleasure. She instills her beliefs that one should “Move Often and Move Better”. Her instructions are clear and while you are working hard, you really don’t feel like it is exercising. While doing the Semi-Private Functional Movement Trainings my mind has gained so much more confidence, my body has lost pounds and inches.” – Gail Riela (Summit Resident)

Jim Gladstone“My functional training routine at Wellness Studio M have really improved my golf swing.”  Jim Gladstone  (Springfield Resident)


AnaMAria Garcia (2)“It has always been challenging to exercise given our very full lives, but after my foot surgery, I was not able to exercise at all for some time. I needed to gradually get back into an exercise routine without injuring myself or doing something that could be detrimental to the healing of my foot.  That is why I chose Wellness Studio M.” ~ Ana Maria Garcia (Summit Resident)

Marty Mayer2“Maria is a solid professional and is really dedicated to her clients. Working out with her has really contributed to the quality and comfort of my life. The aches and pains that I used to experience have improved a lot and I feel more flexible and comfortable in my everyday movements.”        Dr. Mayer (Berkeley Heights Resident)